Best Choices for Maternity Hospitals in Melbourne

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Compare Maternity Hospitals in Melbourne – Make an Educated Choice

Maternity Hospitals Melbourne

You have many choices? Public, Private, Birth Centre or Home Birth?

Then the question of Natural Birthing or Intervention?

The broad selection of birthing options and Melbourne Maternity Hospitals has to offer can make these decisions difficult.   Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get specific information on birth interventions from individual hospitals in Melbourne.

Birth Centre bookings and some private Obstetricians book out for your due date in the first few days of getting that second blue line so making a quick choice is sometimes vital. At busier times, the Birth Centre may use a “lottery” to assign care places.

To save your time and energy, here is a breakdown of the information you need to make the right birthing choices.

Birthing choices that adhere to your ideal birth plan

Doulas, Midwives and Maternity Hospitals offer different services for Melbourne mothers depending on your birth plan and priorities.

Remember that the best-laid birth plans often go awry, but choosing the right birthing option in Melbourne can help sure up the chances.

Natural birth and the level of intervention

For some women, a planned C-Section is the desirable choice – for others, it is the more natural birth. Whether you’re opting for a natural childbirth experience or one that can be summed up in “more drugs please”, childbirth decisions come down to the individual mother.

Your obstetrician or midwife is there to ensure the safety of your baby and your own health, however, your intentions should be respected. While most Melbourne hospitals and OBGYNs won’t release intervention data,  x has compiled some telling data for Melbourne mothers.

Maternity Hospital Melbourne List

Note that private Obstetricians generally work with a single hospital so if you’re planning on using a specific birth team, your choice of hospital may be limited. Contact Private Maternity Hospitals to get a list of doctors you can choose from. Note that like the Birth Centre, the top private obstetricians can “book out” very quickly. There may not be time to do much “shopping around”.


List of hospitals:

Royal Women’s Hospital
Location: 20 Flemington Rd, Parkville Victoria and 193 Bluff Road, Sandringham Victoria

Mercy Women’s Hospital
Location: 163 Studley Road, Heidelberg
Website: http:
Phone: 03 8458 4444

Epworth Freemasons
Location: 320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9418 8333

Frances Perry House Private Hospital at Royal Women’s
Location: 20 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC
Phone: (03) 9344 5000

St Vincent’s Private Hospital
Location: 59 Victoria Parade Fitzroy VIC
Phone: 03 9411 7111

Monash Medical Centre Clayton
Location:246 Clayton Road
Clayton VIC
Phone: 03 9594 6666

Cabrini Hospital
Location: 183 Wattletree Rd, Malvern VIC
Phone: (03) 9508 1222

Werribee Mercy
Location: 300-310 Princes Hwy, Werribee VIC 3030
Phone: (03) 8754 3000

Sunshine Hospital
Location:176 Furlong Rd, St Albans VIC
Phone: (03) 8345 1333

William Angliss
Location: 39 Albert St, Upper Ferntree Gully VIC
Phone: 1300 342 255

The Northern Hospital
Location: 185 Cooper St, Epping VIC
Phone: (03) 8405 8000

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Intervention report:

Melbourne Home Birth Options & Support

If you would like to research your options for Home Birthing in Melbourne and need support and more information, you will find all of this via

Melbourne Doula’s

You also have the option of taking a Doula with you to any model of care you choose in Melbourne Maternity Hospitals.

What is a Doula? A Doula is a trained birth support person who provides all of the emotional support to women during their pregnancy, that they require during labour and birth and post-natal. A Doula cannot provide maternity care.

Find a Doula here:

Choosing a maternity hospital in Melbourne will greatly influence your birthing experience. Unfortunately, if you’re opting for the Birth Centre or a private OB, you may not have much time to decide.

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