Maternity hospital gowns – are they worth it?

The time during labour and delivery is stressful, both physically and mentally, to any woman. Many companies have begun to produce beautiful designer maternity hospital gowns to help mums feel and look their best when they are having baby. The idea of maternity hospital gowns has brought a lot of controversy among mums. Some mums … Read more

TENS for natural labour pain relief

Are you looking for a natural method of pain relief during pregnancy, in order to reduce side effects and further interventions? A TENS machine is a great option for you!   What is a Labour TENS Machine? Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has been scientifically researched & approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association for effective ... Read more

Maternity hospitals offer many birthing choices in Melbourne

Compare Maternity Hospitals in Melbourne – Make an Educated Choice Maternity Hospitals Melbourne You have many choices? Public, Private, Birth Centre or Home Birth? Then the question of Natural Birthing or Intervention? The broad selection of birthing options and Melbourne Maternity Hospitals has to offer can make these decisions difficult.   Unfortunately, it can be difficult ... Read more