TENS for natural labour pain relief

Are you looking for a natural method of pain relief during pregnancy, in order to reduce side effects and further interventions?

A TENS machine is a great option for you!

What is a Labour TENS Machine?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has been scientifically researched & approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association for effective pain management in childbirth.

Pros for using a TENS Machine

  • A non-invasive method of pain relief
  • Easy to use, lightweight and portable
  • Is able to be used in your own home in early labour
  • Does not cause drowsiness
  • No harmful effects on the mother or baby
  • Doesn’t restrict movement in labour
  • With a handheld device, you can use it exactly when needed and vary the strength (Normal / boost mode controllable using lightweight separate boost button)
  • Could prevent medical pain relief

Cons for using a TENS Machine

  • If you would like to use water for pain relief (bath or shower), you can’t wear the machine and will need to remove and replace the pads each time you get in and out
  • It is recommended to be used as early in labour as possible (from the first contractions), when there should be less attention and focus on contractions and ‘pain’.
  • Conflicting research on the effectiveness of TENS during labour – effectiveness can vary
  • It works most effectively if you start the stimulation early on in a contraction
  • Some women find they don’t like the sensation – try out the machine before labour
  • A TENS machine is more effective when used in combination with other pain relief aids (e.g. relaxation, positioning, massage)

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  • TENS, EMS and Pelvic Floor stimulator all in one
  • Preset modes for ease of use & Integrated boost button
  • Optimax technology for extra power when you need it
  • Can be used after birth to improve your pelvic floor

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