Maternity hospital gowns – are they worth it?

Last Updated on 31/03/2021 by Mandy

The time during labour and delivery is stressful, both physically and mentally, to any woman. Many companies have begun to produce beautiful designer maternity hospital gowns to help mums feel and look their best when they are having baby.

The idea of maternity hospital gowns has brought a lot of controversy among mums. Some mums think they are a wonderful idea, while others think it’s a waste of money and unnecessary. Whatever your opinion on purchasing your own maternity hospital gown, it’s necessary to understand the individual needs of mothers while in labour and the reasons why they may want their own personal gown.

Many pregnant mums feel they will be more comfortable in their own gown while in labour or after labour. The used hospital gowns can be large and rather ugly. Who wants to look at photos of yourself in one of those gowns for years to come?

The designer maternity hospital gowns on the market today give a more feminine feel to the normal hospital gown and even come in petite sizes to reduce the baggy feeling the generic hospital gowns can have. Most new mums are visited by excited family and friends (with smartphones and cameras) while in the hospital. Having a “prettier” gown can make the new mum look and feel better and give her a higher self-esteem during an emotionally and physically difficult time.

Most hospitals welcome women bringing their own gowns for labour or after the delivery to wear. It cuts down on their costs and work to produce and wash gowns. Some hospitals have rules about what can be worn during a c-section or during natural vaginal labour. But most will allow the new mum to wear what she is comfortable in after the actual birth.  It’s best to ask your obstetrician, doctor or hospital before buying.

The designer maternity delivery gowns are designed to be worn either during the actual delivery or after. They usually allow access to the breast for nursing and allow plenty of access to the body for examinations and the monitors used during labour. Some are even cut low enough in the back to allow an epidural.  Whatever your decision on designer maternity gowns, it’s best to keep an open mind.  Every woman wants to be comfortable and happy during labour and delivery. 

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