I wish I had a hands free pumping bra for my 1st

Last Updated on 22/09/2021 by Mandy

One product I wish I had for my first child is a hands-free pumping bra!

The Simple Wishes pumping bra is the best for going hands-free!

Eight years ago, I wish I had a hands free pumping bra! I would have loved to had the extra freedom to walk around while pumping.

Being able to make dinner or multi-task and not be stuck in a chair attached to my Medela Swing, near a power point.

I read years later that some savvy mums were cutting up their bras and putting the pumps loaded with batteries inside.

Fast forward to 2019 and the Simple Wishes pumping bra has been widely accepted as a must-have for any new mum! I am informed that the Simple Wishes Pumping Bra works with all the major brands, is fully adjustable and is able to be worn in several different styles.

Recent reviews from Amazon:  “I literally could not pump as quickly or easily as I do at work without this bra. ” “A total lifesaver! I use it with a Spectra S2, and it works great. ” “The size chart is right-on and this bra is so well designed that you can customize the fit so precisely.

There is soft padded velcro across the whole back to make it exactly as small or big as you want it and they provide an extra 1.5 inches of fabric with a zipper extender you can add to the front in the middle to space the holes a bit wider apart, which I found so helpful. ”

Simple Wishes Pumping Bra

Medela Easy Expressions 

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