What To Put In A Nappy Bag

Last Updated on 07/10/2020 by Mandy


What to put in a nappy bag

A very common question asked by Mums and Pregnant Women is “what should I have in my nappy bag?” A Nappy Bag is also used as a Hospital Bag for the baby. It should include all of the essential needs for the baby while out and about.

We do suggest the following items, and recommend you try our friends at Hello Charlie, Organics on a Budget, and Biome, as they stock many of these items!

We think the best items are:

  • Eco-Friendly Nappy Bag
  • 15 Bamboo Nappies
  • Bubbalog breastfeeding diary
  • Large Pack Bamboo Wipes or Wot Not Wipes (from Hello Charlie)
  • Natracare organic Pads
  • Organic BUDS newborn starter kit (Bum Balm, Newborn Cream & Cleanser)
  • Natural Newborn Pacifier “Natursutten”
  • Organic Cotton Newborn Beanie Organic Cotton Mittens 0-3 Months
  • Onesie & Shoe Pack of your choice
  • Bib & Burp Cloth Set of your choice
  • Cotton Muslin Wrap/Swaddle Pack of Tissues Hand Sanitizer
  • 2x Disposable Baby Change Mats
  • Bamboo Breast Pads or breastfeeding covers.

Many people ask what is the best environmentally friendly nappy for their baby. We recommend you order samples and try them before buying a large box.

Hello Charlie has Ecoriginals and other brands on sale during January 2020. They also allow you to order samples!!

Check price on the full range of Ecoriginals and Bamboo Nature Moltex & Muumi Eco Nappies from Hello Charlie: