She Shed / Garden Studios

We all want to have a comfortable space to work from (when working from home) and wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to build a light and bright garden studio to operate as your home office or studio? Well you can! And it may not cost you as much as you think! Most gardens … Read more

10 Things For Your Kids On A No-Spend WFH Day

10 Things For Your Kids To Do On a No-Spend WFH Day Play a board game Draw something or write in a journal Do a printable activity sheet Watch a homeschooling show on abc3 Camp in the living room / backyard Learn a new skill (crochet / bracelet / beads) Exercise or do just dance with … Read more

10 Creative Decluttering Tips

It’s time to start decluttering and reducing while you are home, and can recycle and repurpose items yourself.  It’s a very positive thing to declutter and tidy and it helps your mental health. We have put together some tips in our free printable in our downloads area:10 Creative Decluttering Tips Have you seen our new … Read more

Making mozzarella

Mozzarella is the easiest cheese to make at home in just over 30 minutes. Green Living Australia has made a 30 min mozzarella making kit for beginners, which I use for my beginner cheese making courses. Watch Valerie from Green Living Australia explain how it works: Make beautiful, fresh Mozzarella in just 30 minutes. … Read more

Make Tofu Taste Like Chicken

How to make Tofu taste like chicken What is Tofu? Made from soybeans, tofu is an inexpensive, vegan meat-free alternative. It is rich in protein and contains phyto-nutrients, with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s cheap to make. Many people regularly eat tofu as a great food alternative to those with milk allergies. Why Make Tofu … Read more

Addi Circular Machine Knitting Review

We review the Addi Express Professional knitting machines, made for makers who don’t have the time or skills to turbo knit, and want to! We think you can operate one of these while pumping!   Read our story about Miranda who loves her knitting machine, click her image below.  Who’s Knitting For Me? A circular … Read more

Eco friendly back to school supplies

January is well underway and that means for many of you preparing for the return to school will be on the agenda! Here are some fantastic products from Going Green Solutions to help you be more sustainable. A Highlighter pencil A pencil that never runs dry? Well, a highlighter pencil won’t run out of ink … Read more

How to use a coffee descaler on your stubborn toilet stain

Want to know a miracle method for easy toilet stain removal? If you have a septic-safe household and have brown hard water stains on your toilets, you probably tried everything natural to remove them. Something that doesn’t contain bleach, that you can just drop in and leave in the bowl overnight! No hard scrubbing required! Bleach … Read more