Pram Parks Are For People With Prams! Shock!

Last Updated on 02/12/2019 by Mandy

Does it SHOCK you to learn that Pram Parks at Shopping Centers are actually designated for people with Prams? I imagine it would considering MOST people that take up Pram Parks, in fact, don’t have a Pram or Children in their Car for that fact!

Would you also believe that every single time you take a Pram Park without the intended purpose you are potentially endangering the lives of other children in Prams?? This is why:

Pram Parks were designed wider so parents can park the Pram at the side of the car to load and unload children. The danger of having the Pram at the back of the car to unload and load is that they can be clipped by passing traffic or more common, Prams are reversed into by cars in the opposite parks.

Prams are not seen in the rearview mirror of most cars and with the increasing popularity of 4wds in suburban areas the risk is increasing. I have personally had to bang on the boot of another car who almost reversed into the Pram with my child in it.

I have heard stories of friends who have had to throw themselves in between the approaching car and pram to brace their children from this happening also.

Pram Parks Are For People With Prams

I’ve witnessed online outrage in the past about people saying Pram Parks should not exist and that they should be replaced by more Disabled Parking Parks. Firstly I could see the reasoning behind increasing disabled parks but also keeping Pram Parks, then I did a little research. After weeks of noting the difference between the Pram Parks and The Disabled Parks I noted that usually 2 out of the 8 designated parks were used at our Shopping Centre and the remaining were unused. The Pram Parks were always full (mostly by people without prams) while others were still dangerously loading children into and out of prams at the back of their cars. So I believe this outrage is entirely unwarranted.