10 Things For Your Kids On A No-Spend WFH Day

10 Things For Your Kids To Do On a No-Spend WFH Day Play a board game Draw something or write in a journal Do a printable activity sheet Watch a homeschooling show on abc3 Camp in the living room / backyard Learn a new skill (crochet / bracelet / beads) Exercise or do just dance with … Read more

Help Autistic Kids Sleep

Children with Autism don’t tend to sleep well through the night. Estimates say between 50% and 90% of autistic people have some sleeping difficulties, whether that’s going to sleep, sleeping at the wrong time, or staying asleep. Thankfully there are lots of products that can be tried to help children many children feel calm, safe … Read more

5 Ways to Help Kids Develop a Self-Sufficient Growth Mindset

5 Ways to Help Kids Develop a Self-Sufficient Mindset Guest post for GreenBubz by Eva Van Strijp We’ve all heard the saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And to a large degree, this is true. We do many things the way our parents did them, and unless we’ve been introduced to … Read more

Pram Parks Are For People With Prams! Shock!

Pram Parks Are For People With Prams

Does it SHOCK you to learn that Pram Parks at Shopping Centers are actually designated for people with Prams? I imagine it would considering MOST people that take up Pram Parks, in fact, don’t have a Pram or Children in their Car for that fact! Would you also believe that every single time you take … Read more