Why Freshly Prepared Baby Food Is Always Best?

Last Updated on 07/03/2020 by Mandy

Why Freshly Prepared Baby Food Is Always Best? The Answer Will Shock You

First and foremost the captain obvious answer to this is that you know exactly when it was made, how it was made & exactly what ingredients were included. The next answer or example (pictured) may shock you. Social media is a good avenue to be in the know-how for the REAL truth behind products.

Before social media, it was very rare to find out about bad customer service & dodgy products unless it was a personal experience or one of someone you knew. Now social media users rush to share every experience positive and negative and the negative seems to spread like wildfire via the “Share” button.

Recently we came across a story with over 460,000 Shares and it was the inspiration behind this post

Here is the story: Very recently a mother shared her complaint on the Facebook business page of a company who make & sell Baby Food Pouches. The food pouches were full of mould (pictured), absolutely rancid and her baby was in hospital extremely sick. The business reacted by simply deleting her complaint and not addressing it whatsoever, not an apology, not a warning or public announcement to notify others. This was not a one-off. The mother also claimed the entire box the had purchased was rancid (not even close to the use by date either). Then the comments started, many people had the same issue, this was not a one-off. gogo squeeze fail So there you are friends, just one example of why you should prepare your own baby food. If you are super busy, sleep-deprived or just not one to get into the kitchen then here are some super easy solutions for you.

Baby Led Weaning: Baby-led weaning (often also referred to as BLW) is a method of adding complementary foods to a baby’s diet of breastmilk or formula. A method of food progression, BLW facilitates the development of age-appropriate oral motor control while maintaining eating as a positive, interactive experience. Baby-led weaning allows babies to control their solid food consumption by “self-feeding” from the very beginning of their experiences with food. The term weaning should not be taken to imply giving up formula or breastmilk, but simply the introduction of foods other than formula or breastmilk.

For all info and recipe’s for BLW check out our BLOG post on it here: BABY LED WEANING Purees: Pureeing your foods for babies is very quick and easy. Steam your selected Fruits & veggies, Puree (blend, mash, puree)  and then freeze in Ice Cube Trays, take out as many cubes as you will need a couple of hours before and they will be perfect for feed time.

Fresh & Organic produce is always best if you can afford it and it is accessible.

We recommend you read this book for more recipes, you can find it on ebay.