Little Innoscents Organics Range

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Little Innoscents Organics Range Review

Little Innoscents is hands down one company I am very happy to scream the praises of from the rooftop! Little Innoscents is very fast becoming an Australian household name, primarily Baby Skin Care Products but has an ever-growing product range also serving adults and very recently adding a delicious Milky Whites Toothpaste to their range. Being a trusted product range in our household now for 3 years, I think it’s about time I share my experience with the world!

Little Innoscents Winter Blues Vapour Balm

Our most favourite product of all is hands down the Little Innoscents Winter Blues Vapour Balm. Check price here from Hello Charlie:

Not a single day has passed in 3 years where this has not been in our cupboard. This all natural Organic rub is so delicate it can be used on a newborn. Soothing away sickness, discomfort and restlessness we find rubbing this on the soles of the feet a saviour! The past week I’ve had both my 3 & 4 year old kiddies struck down with Croup. Again this has been such a saviour! Applied to the chest, back and soles of feet at night and during the day with socks over the feet I’ve found the Eucalyptus really helps to clear them up. The Winter Blues formula is made from natural Beeswax, Shea Butter, and essential oils of Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon and Eucalyptus, it absorbs beautifully into little ones precious skin. This should be in every household with little ones, at some stage or another they do get sick, having a natural product to help soothe them is a no brainer for me.

Little Innoscents Milky Whites Toothpaste

Another favourite of ours has been the NEW Little Innoscents addition Milky Whites Toothpaste. YUMMO!!! Seriously!! Fluoride Free, No Artificial Sweeteners & free of surfactants. Where has this been all of my life!? Now I know there has been Fluoride Free natural toothpaste around for a while but none I have ever used have tasted this good or left my teeth feeling this clean. The Milky Whites Toothpaste is refreshingly minty without burning. It’s calcium-rich and natural. Perfect for little ones and adults alike. Little Innoscents Milky Whites

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