Happy Is Healthy Day

Last Updated on 18/01/2020 by Mandy

Green Bubz are very excited to announce that we will be attending the Happy Is Healthy Day in support of Beyond Blue.

Happy is Healthy day for 2014 is all about fun, education, inspiration and motivation to make a change and help yourself and all of the people around you live happier and healthier lives.


The day itself will be showcasing a wide range of local businesses. Not only that, but we have an amazing line up of guest speakers, covering a wide range of topics which will totally blow your mind! In addition to all of this we will be running some free exercise classes and there will be stalls gallor to take a gander, get some delicious healthy food, learn some fun facts about the health world, and pick up some amazing hand made gifts. 

Happy Is Healthy Day supports Beyond Blue which is something I hold very close to my heart. I am so very privileged to have met the creators Elise & Shez, 2 very beautiful chicks who thrive in helping others, are all about sharing their knowledge and helping others to understand the importance of looking after yourself inside and out equally.

Here is a short video the girls did of my which speaks a little about Green Bubz and has a small showcase of our Organic Baby Toys


Happy is Healthy Day is about AMAZING stalls on the day, healthy activities and great healthy food. Check out Happy Is Healthy Facebook Page for up to date info.