Common breast feeding problems – blocked milk ducts

Blocked milk ducts are a common challenge experienced by breastfeeding mums. It feels like a tender and a sore pea-like lump in the breast or near the nipple, and it is NOT accompanied by a fever or flu-like symptoms (which is more commonly experienced with mastitis). Milk ducts can become obstructed when the breast is not properly drained and it becomes inflamed.

Things you can do to relieve the blocked duct:
  1. Frequent breastfeeds on the affected side will help to move the blockage. It may hurt to feed, but you will start to feel relief quickly and prevent the problem from becoming worse.
  2. Massage the area, starting behind the sore spot. Use your fingers in a circular motion and massage toward the nipple.
  3. Use a warm compress on the sore area, or stand under a hot shower directing the water flow towards the affected breast.
  4. Check your baby’s latch to ensure proper breast drainage.
  5. If it is too painful to breastfeed frequently, then try hand expressing or using a breast pump.

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