Nursing wear opening styles

There are several different nursing opening styles, and selecting the right style for you is largely dependent on how you hold your baby while feeding, and the shape of your breasts and nipple position.  SAVE AN EXTRA 30% OFF CLEARANCE STYLES WITH THE CODE “SAVE30” Drop cup – The drop cup nursing opening style has … Read more

Breastfeeding positions & tips

Breastfeeding positions

Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural, but can be difficult in the early days. Proper latch/attachment and breastfeeding positions can take a little while to master. Using good positioning and attachment techniques, you can help to avoid nipple pain and other common breastfeeding problems. Attaching your baby To start the feed, hold baby so her chest … Read more

Questions new mothers ask about feeding

Questions new mothers ask about feeding from the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, UK Is breastfeeding good for my baby? Breastfeeding not only provides food in the most natural form for babies, but also provides comfort, pain relief and the natural nurturing that babies need for development. Breast milk contains everything that a baby needs for … Read more

Storing Expressed Breast Milk

Some mums like to express milk to relieve engorged breasts or to reduce the intensity of a fast letdown when their babies are having trouble staying latched on. It is also a good way of stimulating the milk supply and increasing breastmilk production. Breast milk needs to be handled and store with care, to ensure … Read more

Extended breast feeding – nursing after the first year

Considering that the World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding your child until 2 years, it always surprises me that breast feeding after the first year is often referred to as “extended”.  Personally I prefer the term “sustained breastfeeding” which I notice is used by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. There are many good reasons to continue breastfeeding … Read more

Common breast feeding problems – blocked milk ducts

Blocked milk ducts are a common challenge experienced by breastfeeding mums. It feels like a tender and a sore pea-like lump in the breast or near the nipple, and it is NOT accompanied by a fever or flu-like symptoms (which is more commonly experienced with mastitis). Milk ducts can become obstructed when the breast is … Read more

Am I producing enough breastmilk?

I would say that most nursing mums have asked themselves this question at some point. We all want to be assured that we are giving our babies enough nutrition, so it’s common to second guess. In the first few weeks after birth (after milk “comes in”) there is usually a period where breasts are full … Read more

Cracked Nipples in Breastfeeding

Many women experience some nipple tenderness or mild soreness especially in the early days of breastfeeding. However cracked, bleeding and toe-curling soreness is often a sign that your baby is not latching on well.   Getting a good attachment Detach your baby gently. Avoid pulling the baby from the breast, instead break her attachment by … Read more

What are dad’s duties during breastfeeding?

Caring for your breastfeeding partner New breastfeeding mothers have a lot to deal with. It’s normal for your partner to feel anxious, tired and physically sore or uncomfortable. She will also be excited and happy about your new baby. Here are ways you can help and support her during breastfeeding: Look for practical ways to … Read more