Am I producing enough breastmilk?

Last Updated on 11/01/2020 by Mandy

I would say that most nursing mums have asked themselves this question at some point. We all want to be assured that we are giving our babies enough nutrition, so it’s common to second guess.

In the first few weeks after birth (after milk “comes in”) there is usually a period where breasts are full and often engorged until supply settles to accommodate demand.

Mums become accustomed to this over-full feeling with milk leakage and fast let down. When supply settles and breasts start feeling a little softer, it is common for mums to worry that this is an indicator of insufficient quantities of milk.

However softer breasts are not a sign of milk “drying up” just your body regulating supply.

The best indicators that your baby is receiving sufficient breastmilk are wet nappies and steady weight gain. If you are worried that your baby may not be receiving enough milk then the best option is to allow your baby to feed on demand and for as long as your baby chooses. By spending lots of time at the breast, more milk will be produced to meet the demand.

If you continue to have concerns, always talk to your caregiver or health practitioner or call the Australian Breastfeeding Association for lactation advice.

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