Time To Switch To Reusable Nappies

If there has ever been a better time to switch from disposable to reusable nappies, this is the time!

Reduce your stress at the supermarket and choose cloth instead.

Cloth nappies can save parents over $1200 during their child’s time in nappies – more if the nappies are used on multiple children – use the savings to ease the pressure during this stressful time.

Since you are at home, its easier to put in that extra 10 minutes a day to wash and reuse nappies rather than throwing them away.

After a few weeks of keeping aside the money you would have otherwise spent on disposables, you can invest in a few more cloth nappies, and keep going until you’re able to commit to full time reusable nappy use.

(Obviously, buying a full stash from the beginning will save you more in the long run, but if you can’t quite manage a full stash to start, just invest in half a dozen nappies and start there.)


Keen to make a start but not sure you want to get a full stash? Or maybe you just need a few more to get by more comfortably?

Our friends at Seedling Baby have some beautiful nappies in their store: https://www.seedlingbaby.com.au/shop/