Nursing wear opening styles

There are several different nursing opening styles, and selecting the right style for you is largely dependent on how you hold your baby while feeding, and the shape of your breasts and nipple position.


Drop cup – The drop cup nursing opening style has a clip similar to a maternity bra. By unclipping the strap, you can lower the cup to reveal a nursing opening in an underneath layer.  This style of opening is ideal for new mums who are inexperienced because you can open the cup completely and then use both hands to attach your baby properly.  It is also great for night feeds or days when you want to go bra-free (especially if you are experiencing engorgement or sore nipples).

Drop Cup Nursing Singlets breastfeeding top

Drop Cup Nursing Singlet breastfeeding top

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Lift from hem – Usually found on T-shirt and tank styles, the top has 2 layers with nursing openings in the underneath layer. To access the openings, you lift the outer layer from the bottom hem. Usually, the nursing openings in the inner layer are slits from the armpit to the waist which are shaped inwards or follow the outline of the bust. This style is also ideal for new mums and larger breasted women because the nursing openings tend to be more generous.

breastfeeding top nursing top with short sleeves

Essential Nursing Tee breastfeeding top

Pull aside – In this style of top, there is a double layer across the bust and you access the underneath layer by pulling aside at the neckline. These styles often have a v-neck with mock cami, or cross front. Nursing openings can vary in size and shape and should be selected according to your breast shape and nipple position.  This style usually offers the most coverage of the entire breast with only the nipple exposed, but better suits more experienced breastfeeding mum & babies who have established a fuss-free attachment.

Breastfeeding top nursing top with long sleeves

Long Sleeved Nursing Top breastfeeding top

Whilst nursing wear should be practical and allow breastfeeding mums to nurture your babies without exposing more skin than you are comfortable with, it should help you to feel good about your post-pregnancy body.

We hope this helps you decide which clothing will best suit you when feeding.

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