Oil Pulling, Does It Whiten Teeth? – The Truth

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Oil Pulling Does It Whiten Teeth?

A while ago in sheer desperation to seek out answers and solutions to hormone issues, I’d suffered through for over 10 years I discovered Oil Pulling. There were many claims to the benefits of Oil Pulling. Being a natural Chemical free product I had nothing to lose by trying it and had such positive results I’d love for others to know how it works and what it personally did for me.

Benefits Of Oil Pulling – Claims

Teeth Whitening Improves Oral Hygiene Increases Energy Hormonal Changes Body Detoxification Clears Skin Reduction In Headaches

What Is Oil Pulling? – How Does It Work?

Oil Pulling is an ancient ritual practised for over 3000 years by Ayurveda (Hindu Traditional Medicine). Oil Pulling involves placing a Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil (I use Organic Coconut Oil, as it’s mild flavoured) in your mouth and pulling the oil back and forth through your teeth and swishing around the mouth. Great Oral health and hygiene are said to have a great positive impact on overall health. Practitioners that are advocates for Oil Pulling claim it is capable of improving oral health and systemic health due to the oil “pulling” out and drawing toxins from the body.

My Oil Pulling Findings

Wow, I am absolutely shocked in a positive way. As I started this I was looking for a solution to Hormonal issues, most of the beneficial claims to the Oil Pulling come hand in hand with hormone problems so even if I did tick one issue off the list I would be stoked. I thought I’d actually take a picture of my teeth also just in case they Whitened (Don’t judge me, I certainly don’t have a straight, model-worthy grill but they are healthy and white nonetheless 😉 ) look at the difference in the Picture. This picture was before and after 1 week of Oil Pulling (I’ve been doing it longer now though). The picture is taken in the same area of my house, same time of day and lighting and absolutely no filters or editing. Big difference right? I’ve also halved the number of headaches I get & pimples are rapidly reducing. (I wish I took a full picture of my face).

How To Do Oil Pulling?

This is how I did it: Every single day I put 1 Tablespoon of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in a small cup (medicine cup) and sat the cup in an inch of hot water for a few seconds to soften so I could get straight to work. I then pulled, swished and moved the oil around my mouth for 20 minutes every morning before breakfast (best time of day to do it). I’ve read countless How To’s before starting this and apparently 20 minutes is the optimum time to dissolve plaque, bacteria and remove stains. Then spit into the bin. DO NOT SPIT INTO THE SINK YOU COULD BLOCK YOUR PIPES WHEN THE OIL SOLIDIFIES AGAIN.

Also do not swallow or you will be swallowing all of the yucky toxins pulled from your mouth, then I rinse my mouth with warm water and spit and follow by the normal brushing of my teeth and flossing. 1-2 times a week, I also mix some bi-carb soda and Himalayan Sea Salt with some water and scrub my teeth for 30 seconds 🙂

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I’d love to hear your experiences with Oil Pulling, comment below or feel free to ask anything I may have not covered. More information can be sourced from Wikipedia. Signature

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