10 Tips To Go Green this year

11 Tips To Go Green

In 2019, there is no better time to make a lifestyle change then the new year, going green not only helps the environment and yourself but also changes the future for generations to come. I’ve always been one to try and reduce my carbon footprint even before I was too young to know what that actually meant. From always participating in the Clean Up Australia Days to educating those I saw litter and then recycling, planting trees (countless trees) and walking/riding bikes to places instead of going by car. As an adult, this morphed into chemical free cleaning products, Organic Foods and much more included in my top 11 tips to Going Green.

1. Greener Body Products

What better place to begin the Go Green lifestyle change is with your body. If you can’t read or pronounce the ingredients on the bottle let alone understand what they are then why put them on your body? Majority of these words are names of harsh chemicals. Organic Formulations Pty Ltd. products include all ingredients that are naturally derived and processed. (use promo code GREEN BUBZ for 5% off)

2. Greener Baby Products

Our babies are the future of our planet, not only are green and Organic products good for the environment but fantastic for you baby, chemical free baby wash, moisturisers and other needs can also be found at Organic Formulations Pty Ltd. (use promo code GREEN BUBZ for 5% off)

3. Re-usable nappies

Bamboo Washable Nappies are amazing!!! I used them with both of my babies. They are easy to use, wash and maintain. They last for multiple babies and are all in ones, no folding or pinning. Our favourite brands are BumGenius & Bambooty and were all purchased from Eco Child. By using disposables you reduce landfill as well as save LOADS of money and nappies are full of anti leak chemicals which can be harmful to your baby if the nappy is torn.

4. Shop at farmers markets

Very self-explanatory really and the easiest way to start your Go Green adventure. Buying fresh produce from a farmers market is not only tastier but usually more nutritious, supermarket foods are shipped long distances and over time use their nutritional values. Your purchase will help the local economy, since your food expenditure won’t be going to a national corporation but to a local residence and to his/her workers. Buying locally produced foods helps preserve open space, rural landscapes and if crops are grown using Organic methods, healthy local ecosystems

5. Buy Organic and not GMO

Organic and GMO-free food not only allows you to avoid eating food containing tens of chemicals but it also helps the environment by guaranteeing no chemicals were used during the growing or preparation of the foods. GMO (supermarket produce) products increase our chances of cancer.

6. Try One Green Night Per Week

1 night a per week have a BBQ, for dinner turn off all electronics at the power point, except the obvious fridges etc light candles for light or battery powered lights and read a book instead of watching TV, have an early night.

7. Greener Cleaning Products (Enjo)

Avoid Chemicals!! Enjo is my favourite Chemical free range, we use the cleaning mitts for Bathroom &  Kitchen, we use the special mop and broom for the floors and the Liquid Dish wash and Laundry detergent.

8. Greener Female Hygiene Products

Because ladies hygiene products are absolutely riddled with chemicals, when we consume chemicals in food at least some of it is filtered out via our organs but with hygiene products, they are inserted directly into the body or against the body and the chemicals are directly absorbed. Read more here. You should consider using 100% cotton only products found in all supermarkets or even using a menstrual cup.

9. Greener Beauty Products

Many women are going natural to avoid certain ingredients that research shows may be harmful. These include preservatives, such as parabens, and other ingredients including petrochemicals and phthalates, which some studies show can mimic the effects of hormones in the body or, at high levels, possibly increase the risk of cancer. While the Personal Care Products Council and other industry groups maintain these ingredients are safe, others, such as the Environmental Working Group, point to mounting evidence that consumers should avoid them.

10. Recycle Or Re-use

Make sure you pop all you jars, bottles and papers into the recycle bin and not the general waste bin, the more you recycle the less that goes into landfill. Another great idea is to use recyclable items for craft with the kiddies.

11. Use Eco Friendly Pet Products

Biome stock eco friendly pet products to ensure your furry little friends are healthy and happy. Pets can bring much joy to us; not only are they great companions or additions to the family, they can serve as a reminder of our fragile, give-and-take relationship with nature.

Biome only sells environmentally friendly, green pet products that build on this relationship to make sure we care for the environment as well as our eco pet pals.