Cute Crocheted Pillows for Your Child

Last Updated on 31/07/2021 by Mandy

If you are crocheting a crocheted pillow for your home, there are many things to consider before crocheting.

First, take the measurements of the pillow and ensure that crocheted material is the right size for it. Crocheted pillowcases should be big enough to cover the whole pillow.

– You will need about 2 yards of crocheted fabric (for each pillow). A crocheted pillowcase can be made in different ways; with one side standing up or making it without showing any stitches on the outside. The crocheted part would go inside of the pillowcase so that only its nice appearance will show when the blanket is put over it.

Once crocheted, pin together all four sides of the crocheted fabric so they can be crocheted together for a better appearance.

– I crocheted two crocheted pillowcases, one on each side and added a crocheted shell to the bottom of it which worked out perfectly. The crocheted shell is a decorative piece that makes the crocheted pillowcase look nice and thick without adding more weight to it.

If you have crocheting skills it’s really fun making crocheted pieces like these and you could use your imagination in many ways.

– If you feel comfortable with your crocheting skills, then you might want to add some crocheting lace around the neck of the crocheted pillowcase or even around the whole pillow. This will give the crocheted case a nice decoration. It’s up to you how creative you want to be with crocheting designs around the crocheted pillowcase.

The crocheted design can be crocheted in different ways, it all depends on your crocheting skills and creativity. You could leave the crocheted fabric without doing anything else or add some crocheting patterns to make your crocheted pillowcase more beautiful and unique.

– If you are going to use a crochet hook for this project (to ease stuffing of the crocheted bed) choose a small one – about 3mm long. This way your work will not take too much time and effort but still look amazing. You could also use a crochet hook with crocheted lace crocheted around the edges.

The crocheting part is finished and now you can proceed to the stuffing.

– Stuffing will make your crocheted piece look better, cosier and full of life. It’s not easy but if you are patient it will definitely be worth it! The crocheted pillowcase should be stuffed enough so that no crocheting material shows through on the other side once put over the pillow. Use a needle to take the stuffing evenly all around inside of crocheted pillowcase. You may add more or less depending on how much cushioning you want for your bedding. This way it will be more durable and comfortable to use.

You could choose any colour combination and do your own research on what’s available out there before buying any items for your dream project!

Here are our favourite crochet ideas and some have patterns. Click the image to follow through to the pattern.


You can make pockets for your favourite dolls and it looks very nice in a kids room

These crochet animal pillows are very cute. There are plenty of patterns on etsy you can try. Not only your baby can use it like a pillow, but also can play as a toy.