Best paying survey site in Australia

Last Updated on 11/03/2021 by Mandy

Best paying survey site in Australia.

Doing online surveys can be a great way to make extra money for yourself, or your family. It’s not enough to pay your weekly food bill, but it is enough to pay for little bonuses during the week.

However, not all online survey websites are equal. Some offer cash, others offer vouchers. Many offer friend referrals, which can be just as lucrative as doing the surveys. The site I am going to mention does this, so you can earn by doing the survey, and earn again when you friends do the survey (or different ones they qualify for).

So when you join an online survey website, you will need to provide information about your family so they can match you with the right surveys. This includes your age, postcode, marital status, how many kids you have, type of work, general beverage products you consume etc. What you answer, can determine what surveys you are invited to complete.

Based on these details you provide, they will email you links to an appropriate survey. If you say you have a dog, they ask you about a new dog product they need feedback on. The pet company is paying them to get a large pool of completed surveys from qualified dog owners, for example.

That way the survey  is interesting for you, you have knowledge about the topic and the information you provide will be relevant to the business to help them develop their product for pampered pets etc!!

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We believe the Octopus Group is one of the highest paying survey sites in Australia, offering you $4 to $8 per survey. People love that earnings are in cash and can be transferred directly to their Australian (or NZ) bank accounts.

You need to be an Australian or New Zealand resident, with a bank account and Australian or NZ mobile number to join.

The site is in Australia and support is available if your surveys are not completed and money is not being credited to your account.

The minimum withdrawal is $20, which is similar to other survey sites, however, it takes fewer surveys to get there! It is also brilliant that they don’t require you to convert your earnings to a gift card, as they pay cash into your account.

To boost your earnings, ask your friends and family to sign up via a referral link, so you get paid for every survey they complete. You can earn $20 per person you refer. All details are explained upfront before you join.

Earnings per survey: $4 to $8
Form of payment: Transfer to an Australian or NZ bank account
Minimum withdrawal: $20
Friend referral program: Earn up to $20 per friend who joins and completes surveys.

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