Zero Waste Xmas

Last Updated on 20/04/2021 by Mandy

The Easy Zero Waste Xmas Guide for 2020

Christmas and New Year usually means lots of catching up with friends and family as well as channeling your inner hostess with the mostess!

But how to do it with a green eye on the proceedings? Going Green Solutions have a heap of ideas to help your entertaining and catering go like a breeze.

The palm leaf range of plates and platters are all about giving your ‘table’ the WOW factor! The plates are made in India from the leaves of the Areca Palm tree. The leaves are collected from off of the ground and made into these practical plates, bowls and platters that are available in a range of sizes and shapes!

Do you like to entertain, but don’t like to wash up after a big party? Well biocane plates and bowls are the perfect substitute for you! Once your party is over all you need to do is collect the plates/bowls and food scraps and put them in the compost! Let the worms and microorganisms do the cleaning up! See the range here.

Why not use FSC wooden cutlery at your next party/event? Going Green sells the Bio Pak wooden cutlery range in sleeves of 100 and box amounts! There is also a new range that is wax coated! With fork, spork, spoon knife and teaspoon available, they have you sorted here!

Did you know that the clear PLA cups carbon footprint is 75% less than conventional plastic? It’s also made from a renewable fast-growing crop that takes carbon from the air while it grows and at the end of its life it’s 100% compostable!

Did I mention the whole Bio Pak range is 100% Carbon offset? So sit back and enjoy your beverage knowing you have made the most sustainable choice for single-use cups!

Bring a Little Home-Made to the Table this Festive Season


Does your present recipient like to produce their own food or drinks?

Mangrove Jack’s Traditional series starter brewery kit

A complete set of quality brewer’s equipment and specialised ingredients to get you brewing today!  Everything you need is in the kit (except bottles).  The kit also comes with thorough instructions to make sure your first brew is a success – just in time for Christmas.

Vintner’s Harvest Wine making starter kit

Well for the absolute splurge for someone you can’t go past a wine kit from Vitners Harvest! It contains everything you need to make wine except the juice! Reuse bottles over and over and have the satisfaction of producing great varieties of wine!

A complete kit of premium quality winemaker’s equipment.  Everything you’ll need to start making wine today in this kit

How about making some Cheese! 

For anyone who wants to make wonderful vegan treats at home, this Vegan Cheese Kit makes it easy to create delicious, (guilt free) vegan cheeses like mozzarella, halloumi, cream cheese.

Mad Millie Italian Cheese Making Kit

Make your own delectable Italian style fresh cheeses in under an hour with our Italian Cheese Kit. All you need to add is milk to make over 10 batches of cheese (approx 6kg in total).

Green Living Australia Cheese Making Kit

Make your own delectable fresh cheese in 30 minutes with this $44 kit, makes at least 10 batches. You just need to supply the milk.

Fowlers Kits 

If you are looking for the perfect present for a person that has everything in the garden, then a Fowlers Dehydrator is the perfect gift that keeps on giving long after the season has finished! We have had our dehydrator for about 12 years and it still works as well as day 1!! Suitable for fruit/vegetables and meat for jerky, the cupboards will be well-stocked through the year!

Kimchi for the table

It’s easy to create your own healthy, probiotic-rich fermented foods! Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi—some of the tastiest staples of a vitamin-rich diet are obtained through fermentation.

This versatile, durable glass crock lets you make all these products and more – for a third of the cost of most crocks on the market.


An endless supply of soda water to drink or add flavour to?! We love Soda Stream as you get to reuse the bottles for years and swap over the empty CO2 cylinders once they are empty! Each cylinder makes 60 litres of carbonated water which is the equivalent of 48  x 1.25 litre bottles!


Amalur Speakers

Have you heard a speaker that projects sound without any electricity!? The Amalur Speaker is made for phones. It is a hollow, beautifully decorated bamboo tube that your phone sits in and it amplifies the sound without electricity! Ideal for travel/camping/workshops etc… Made in Java supporting people with disabilities, you will love the look and sound!


Frankensteins are one of a kind, wild n free, super cool, super comfortable butt lovin’ undies with loads of personality. Frankies are handmade in Warrnambool, Victoria, and are as great for your butt as they are for the planet! They are created by sewing recycled fabrics that were destined for landfill into fabulous spunky undies!

Books for Makers

Get your kombucha brew on! Fresh, fragrant, and fizzy, home brewed kombucha tea is not only easy to make, it is simply the best testing, healthiest kombucha you’ve yet to try. A step by step book to make your own.

Woz Waste Fashion

Really cool, tough yet flexible belts made from reincarnated rubbish – in this case, motorbike tyres. Woz Waste products are all about creating unique, stylish products and accessories out of materials destined for landfill. Purchasing products made from waste creates demand for waste, reduces landfill, and helps educate people on the many ways we can choose to re-use and recycle no longer needed items.

As you go through life, you discover that true friends are a gift! We love the Daju Friendship Bracelet kit! Your kids can make individually tailored bracelets for their friends! We can’t guarantee the bracelets will last a lifetime, but the act of giving has been known to have that effect!

We hoped this helped you get planning your Zero Waste Christmas!