Planning for a power outage

Last Updated on 11/05/2020 by Mandy

As Australian’s brace themselves for summer outages, here’s what to do in a power blackout:

Before an outage ensure you have:

  • A charged mobile phone (or a charged portable power block with USB)
  • Alternatives to mains lighting such as torches, LED lanterns or candles (tell family members where they are so you don’t need to hunt).
  • A battery-powered radio for updates on outages and weather.
  • Portable power block or bank with surge protection and long life. Must have USB & power points.
  • A generator or battery power if you have life-saving equipment.
  • A list of important phone numbers, including power distributors.
  • If it’s a planned outage, set your freezer and fridge to the coldest setting and freeze some of the items from your fridge.
  • PROTECT your expensive appliances with a surge protector, so they are not damaged by a power surge when power is restored. They can then remain on, if you are not home during the outage.

During an outage:

  • Turn off and unplug all electrical appliances to prevent damage from a power surge when electricity is restored.
  • Check if your neighbours have lost power and if they haven’t, check that your safety switch hasn’t tripped.
  • Offer support to neighbours and relatives, especially the disabled and elderly.
  • Move food from fridge to freezer and only open fridge or freezer doors when necessary.

After an outage:

  • Food that is still cold to touch (less than five degrees) can be eaten within four hours but after that must be thrown away.
  • Freezers set at minus -15 degrees can keep foods at safe temperatures for one to two days.
  • Frozen food that has defrosted can be refrozen if it is still cold to touch or less than five degrees.
  • People who experience long or frequent power outages in a year may be eligible for compensation.  Check with your electricity distribution company whether you have a claim.


Short video about running your home from a small backup generator

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Product spotlight: Portable power block

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