Mummy Bashing, It’s NEVER ok!

Last Updated on 02/12/2019 by Mandy

Parenting….one of the hardest jobs you will ever encounter in your life, lets not sugar coat it, sleep deprivation (a form of torture) poo explosions aka number 3’s, crying, crying and more crying, feeding and all the wonderful problem solving puzzles you are passed when you are handed your little bundle of joy 😉 Now what seems to be “part of the parcel” in adding to this joyous yet difficult time as we enter parenthood in western society is “Mummy Bashing” it’s all over the media, in Mothers Groups, Parenting Forums, Blogs, Social Media and gossiping friends alike.

I’ve always loved the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” it makes me think of positive support and teachings by those you are surrounded by. It seems though that nothing is out of bounds by Mummy Bashers, your feeding choice, sleeping arrangements, settling techniques, birthing experience, post baby bod. You name it and consider it well and truly bashed. Mummy bashing is rampant.

Personally I Googled the absolute hell out of any questions I had in the first year of my babies lives, after struggling to breastfeed my first, a daughter who wouldn’t latch, wouldn’t take a bottle and was syringed expressed milk into her mouth just to be able to get food into her, I turned to Google for solutions. Well wasn’t I in for a fright!!! In hindsight it was a massive mistake. The guilt that other mothers made me feel for not being able to breastfeed my baby girl. Met with answers of DON”T GIVE YOUR BABY FORMULA as if I was going to give my child Heroin or something. For 9 months I struggled to feed, through endless hours of screaming she finally latched with a shield onto one side and for 9 months I fed one sided and expressed the other every single bloody feed because I felt guilty even thinking about wanting to giver her Fomula and to both have some peace. Haters all the way!! If only 1 persons advice was to do what worked for me and her….just 1, the first 9 months would have been a nicer experience for me and my little lady.

Mummy Bashing It’s NEVER ok

Hindsight is wonderful isn’t it!? From this I have come out with the new Mantra: “Do what works for you!” Make an informed decision of your choices but always do what works for you and your family NOT what a mummy bashing over opinionated persons tells you is right.

Mummy bashing

Recently we posted our new Miracle Sleeping Aid “The Baby Shusher” on Social Media and were met with some Mummy Bashing Bullies tagging each other and telling mothers to pick their child up and cuddle them and sleep aids are no-nos..really???

A mother who has been awake for weeks holding a crying baby needs help and support not guilt.

Uplift a sister!!! Tell your new Mummy friends/family that they are doing an awesome job, support them in their decisions, be happy for their decisions. If you feel like you have to hate on a Mum for not having an all-natural birth, for not breastfeeding, for looking totally HOT 2 weeks post-baby, ask yourself WHY??? Is it out of jealousy? Are you envious of her choices? Is it any of your business??? Turn that negativity into positivity not only will your encouragement and support help a Mummy it will make YOU feel great.

Celebrate this hard but extremely rewarding and absolute best days of their life. When you see blogs, social media groups etc bashing new mothers on their choices, un-follow and move on uplifting your peeps.