Free Ultrasound in Australia

Last Updated on 23/07/2021 by Mandy

With the cost of medical care on the rise, more and more people are turning to free or low-cost prenatal care. An increasing number of hospitals in the United States are offering free ultrasound and other prenatal care services to uninsured or low-income families. In some cases, free ultrasound is available even if you are insured. The free insurance ultrasound may cover pregnancy only but a large number of hospitals now offer an expanded free service that covers not only pregnancy and birth but also pediatric care for babies up to three years old.

Luckily, Australia has started making it easier for women to get free routine ultrasounds under Medicare so they can avoid paying out of pocket costs during or after delivery by providing grants for screening procedures in many states throughout the country. Here are some examples of what people may be able to qualify for:

Comprehensive screening means that you will receive any free ultrasound that you and your doctor feel are necessary to accurately diagnose any health issues before birth. It may also include procedures such as free glucose tolerance testing, free amniocentesis, and ultrasounds of the heart and kidneys. This value can range anywhere from $ 600 up to $ 1,500. It depends on your doctor and

In Victoria, women who have a Body Mass Index greater than 30 or suffer gestational diabetes during pregnancy are eligible for funding for both antenatal care services and delivery (including cesarean section). Women with a BMI in excess of 35 will be covered for postnatal care only. The funding covers about half of the costs of medical insurance does not cover it already. In some cases, this means no gap or out-of-pocket costs for ultrasound services!

In South Australia, free ultrasound is available to pregnant women who are under BMI 30, who have a chronic condition such as diabetes or kidney disease, are experiencing complications during pregnancy or have already had a child with congenital disabilities. Free ultrasounds could be funded up to $ 600.

South Australia has also approved free ultrasound funding for all pregnancies if the mother is at high risk of carrying a child affected by spina bifida or another neural tube birth defect. The maximum amount that can be funded is $ 1,000.

Pregnant mothers in Queensland could qualify if they have been treated previously for cystic fibrosis and need recurrent treatments during pregnancy. Women who have had previous pregnancies that resulted in a child with spinal abnormalities or a neural tube defect are also eligible for free ultrasound funding. The maximum amount of free ultrasound funding available in Queensland is $ 600.

In Western Australia, free insurance ultrasounds are available for women who have had trouble getting pregnant and require fertility treatments, those experiencing complications during pregnancy, and women at risk for carrying children with certain birth defects or genetic conditions. Mothers will be covered up to the cost of $ 1,500.

While there may not be many laws governing free ultrasound benefits, it is important for people to remember that they must make their uninsured status known before any service is rendered. Public hospitals cannot turn away people without coverage but the ultrasound may not be free if you don’t tell them before they do the exam. The same goes for women with maternity coverage from their health insurance, free ultrasound cannot be obtained unless it has been authorized by their doctor.

For more information about how to get free ultrasounds and other pregnancy services in your area contact your doctor, check local state government websites or a nearby public hospital.