5 Best eco-friendly pregnancy baskets for Australian mums

Last Updated on 22/10/2021 by Mandy

Finding the perfect pregnancy gift can be challenging, but finding an eco-friendly pregnancy gift is even more difficult. This list of pregnancy baskets for Australian mums will help you find something that they’ll enjoy and appreciate.

A lot of new mums are looking for eco-friendly options when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. There are several ways you can make your pregnancy experience as sustainable as possible, from the clothes you wear to the food that you eat. A great way to do this is by making sure that any gifts for a pregnant woman come from an eco-friendly company. 

Are you looking for eco-friendly gifts for pregnant women?

Pregnancy is a time of great change and excitement. It’s also a time when you want to do everything possible to make sure that your baby has the best start in life. One way to do this is by making sure that all of your purchases are environmentally friendly, from the clothes you wear to the food that you eat. A great way to do this is by making sure that any gifts for a pregnant woman come from an eco-friendly company!

The best thing about buying eco-friendly products is knowing that they were made with care and attention, so it’s no surprise why so many people choose them over other options when it comes time for their baby shower or birthday party.

1. Milky Chic Gift Box for New  Mummy’s Pampering Surprise Basket

The thoughtfulness and meaning behind this gift are something every new mother will appreciate. This package includes everything any pregnant woman could ask for, all lovingly crafted by their team of experts!

Each item in this set is carefully curated and lovingly selected. They even added a mama planner! The special box gives you the motivation “You got this” when opened, which will make any new mum feel appreciated for their hard work.

Whether they’re pregnant or just need some encouragement on how wonderful motherhood can be; this surprise kit offers something to help them get started with everything needed all at once so there’s no guesswork involved!

2. Woolzies Mum Glow Self Care Luxury Essentials Gift Box

Receive the sweet scent and touch of motherhood with this luxe set! Rejuvenate as you pamper yourself. Calming Sleep Mist, Vitamin C Serum, Cabin Aromatherapy Candle will help soothe worries when all other remedies fail; Luxurious Hand Cream leaves hands feeling soft plus it smells amazing (as only Woolzies can). All products are formulated especially for women by specialists in their fields who know what works best after hours spent caringGiving your skin that special treat is easy-breezy thanks to Mum Glow Gift Set!

Every pregnancy gift basket should include some essential oils, and this set is no exception. Calming smells like lavender are known to help pregnant women feel more relaxed; plus they smell amazing! This kit also includes a candle that can be lit when you need an extra boost of relaxation because the baby won’t sleep.

3. Personalized Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit – Bonus Stencil Kit, Non-Toxic Clay, Wall/Table Wood Picture Frame

Capture the timeless beauty of your baby’s tiny little hands and feet with our complete keepsake kit! The perfect gift for new parents. With clay, roller double-sided tape stencils table stand wall brackets you can display this personalized memento on any nursery wall or mantel spot in your house to remind yourself what life is like as a family member now that they’re home from hospital too soon (and still adorable).

Which definitely would like by the new mummy to be. This gift allows them to take a little break from caring for their new baby and the handprint kit is one of many pregnancy gifts that will make any expecting mother feel truly loved because it’s something you can keep forever!

4. New Mama Affirmations – A Warm and Vibrant Deck of 20 Uplifting Postpartum Affirmation Cards

This set of 40 uplifting affirmations is the perfect companion for the first week home with baby as you learn each other’s cues, settle into a new life as a mummy. Replace self-doubt with confidence throughout this challenging yet exhilarating process by reading powerful statements written just for mothers like yourself!

Every pregnancy gift basket should include something to make them feel better about themselves, and this postpartum affirmation card set is just perfect for that! These cards can be used as a reminder of how much they’re capable of which will help new mothers not only with the baby but mentally too.

5. Natural Relaxation Luxury Gift Set: Fantastic Gift Option! Pamper Relax, Sleep & Bath Spa Kit. 

A new mum deserves to be pampered and well-rested after the birth of her baby. This relaxing gift set is specially designed with love in Australia, just for you! The perfect way to help put your mind at ease from all those sleepless nights while also giving yourself a chance to get some much-needed rest; this fully natural & infused product contains pure essential oils that are proven not only helpful when it comes time to take care of yourself again but they’ll keep any immune system strong too – so no more worrying about being sick during wintertime because our products have got us covered!

Every pregnancy gift basket should include something that helps with relaxation, which is why this pregnancy gift set is perfect! Not only does it help mums sleep but the scent of each product can also be used to aid in meditation or calming anxiety. Plus they contain natural ingredients so mum knows she’s using products on her body without chemicals.

We’re so excited to share this blog post with you and we hope that it has given you some insight into how important eco-friendly products are during pregnancy. Our gifts for pregnant women will help your friend or family member feel amazing about themselves, while still being mindful of the environment! Let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience even better.