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    Leather Soft Sole Baby Shoes Girls
    Leather Soft Sole Baby Shoes Prewalkers Flower

    Leather Soft Sole Baby Shoes Girls

    $16.00 $8.00

    Leather Soft Sole Baby Shoes Girls

    $16.00 $8.00

    For baby’s early walking, medical experts recommend flexible, soft soled shoes are the best choice.
    The elastic band make the shoes easy to slip-on.
    Indoor or light outdoor use with minimized slippage due to the textured sole.
    Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Machine wash separately in cold water with mild detergent, as some dark colors may bleed. Air dry after reshape the shoes.

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    Awaiting Bank Transfer Order status changed from pending to on-hold.

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    Awaiting Bank Transfer Order status changed from pending to on-hold.

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  7. flanna29,

    Online media is awesome if used positively, however it can hide cyber bullies in a cloak of anonymousness where they can say anything and get away with it. Technology is possible to track these people so laws need to be changed.
    In public I think people should apply the 10 second rule. Think before you speak, hold that thought for 10 seconds and decide whether what you are about to say is negative, nonconstructive, hurtful & any of your business! In the next 10 seconds consider smiling, a nod of support or maybe “can I help you” if you see a Mum, elder etc whom might need a hand with something like grocery bags or the like.
    It is amazing how it will make you and them feel 🙂

  8. Nique,

    What has changed is simple manners. Once you might have viewed someone’s behaviour as odd, rude, irritating etc but it would have been considered tactless or rude of you to say anything unless their behaviour was directed at you. You would probably have gone home and called a girlfriend/sister/mum and gossiped or discussed it with your other half but that would have been the end of it. Even in small towns the rules of engagement were the same but the town biddy body (in my village my grandfather) would have “talked” to you about it then end of topic.

    Now people seem to find the need to voice their opinion on everything be it through direct contact or via social media. No one sees it as rude, tactless or bad manners the view seems to be that everyone has the right to an opinion what they forget is just because you have an opinion it doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear/read it.

    I don’t know about others but we were raised with the motto – if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything.

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    Groovy Babies – July 20, 2014.

    *REVIEW* The Baby Shusher- aka OMG this is AWESOME!!!

    Yesterday I used Baby Shusher Australia, for the 5th time with instant success. It is amazing to watch a previous unsettled baby simply listen and calm down almost instantly. We were all in a trance! The main aim was to help transition this baby from a swing into his cot. It is internationally documented that the constant shhhh shhhh shhhh has been proven effective and endorsed by Dr Harvey Karp (Author of Happiest Baby on the Block). I swear by the 5′s for my newborn client’s in EVERY Situation. The main positive I find about this product is that it get’s the mobile phone AWAY from your baby’s head. We all know how penetrable a baby’s skull is to EMF. (oh and you get your phone back)! So if your baby is unsettled and voice settling is a aim for you- I HIGHLY recommended you look at this little miracle just into Australia.