Audio post format

Audio post format is the best way to present your audio file. You can upload audio to your server or stream media from audio hosting and streaming service. Use the custom meta box “Audio post format settings” (if not visible, enable it in “Screen options”, on the top of the edit page) for featured audio file. You can add as many audio files to same post using “Add media” button

Audio is just one small part of telling the story, bringing the message, amuse the individuals or groups, wake up the emotions. The rest is music. Music is everywhere and it’s not created by any human – you guess, god created it. That is, since there’s really no time, it’s not wise to say “created” – it’s an ongoing creation, it would be more precise. Music is emotion is god. At least, a part of god. Infinitely small and infinitely big.

Octavian the Dog

Any dog is better then any human. We prove it every day. There’s more love and empathy in dog’s one welcome then in all politician speaks in all history. We vote for politicians and give them power (or, they take it … but that’s another story)  to run our world, and this is telling about us a lot.