Hire a mamaroo and save

Last Updated on 26/10/2021 by Mandy

For most parents of newborns, a baby swing is a necessity, but there are so many options in Australia now. Thus, it’s a challenge to find the right one, and most people want one product that does it all.

In the past, you’d need multiple products to achieve bouncing, swinging, and other comforting motions.

You’ve probably heard of it before and have wondered, what is a mamaRoo? In short, it’s a product that does everything you want a baby swing to do. In detail, we’re going to talk about what it does, what we liked, and what we didn’t like, giving you a better idea if this is the right all-in-one swing system for you and your baby.

What Is a mamaRoo?

While there are a variety of mamaRoo swings or bouncers on the market, they all feature a cocoon-shaped swing. It is designed to imitate a mother’s movements, such as bouncing, rocking, swaying, and even singing.

The product looks like a high-tech device, but it’s also modern and stylish. The base isn’t all that wide, but it has a lot of controls which might seem a little worrisome at first.

The seat is oval-shaped and is designed to cuddle your baby when he or she is inside of it. You’ll also find a mobile toy on top, far enough that your little one can’t grab it.

Is It Worth It?

When you first get a glance at the 4moms mamaRoo all-in-one system, you’re immediately going to see the price and get worried. It is more expensive than most brands and models on the market, but it’s also unique in that the swing does more than traditional versions and the RRP is $499.

Did you know you can hire a Mamaroo from Hire for Baby from $75 per month. 

Let’s discuss the features to show you why it’s ideal for all new parents:

Many Combinations

The mamaRoo offers five motions, such as the kangaroo, car ride, and rock-a-bye. It also comes with five-speed settings. Depending on what your baby prefers, you have up to 25 different combinations. That’s unheard of in today’s standards, as most swings have two swing motions.

Of course, the seat also adjusts so that your little one can sit up or be in a full recline. You’ll have to spend some time trying different combos to find what works best for your baby at various times throughout the day.

  Bluetooth Compatible

We know it seems strange that a baby swing would come with Bluetooth controls, but it does! You don’t have to leave the couch to change seat positions, speed level, movement styles, and sounds. That way, if your little one starts fussing and you’re still doing chores, you can switch between the various settings to quiet them again without missing a beat.

With the mamaRoo, it’s also possible to play music from your smartphone through the 4Moms app. If your little one has a favourite tune that always puts them to sleep or makes them giggle, you can get it to come through the swing’s speaker system. WOW!

 Sleep Concerns

It is always best to have babies sleep on their backs and play on their tummies. That said, most manufacturers don’t recommend that your little one sleep in the swing. If they fall asleep, you can leave them there for a nap, but you should monitor the baby to be safe.

Washable Inserts

You can easily remove the insert and wash it! Any messes are not a problem.

Mobile Is Removable

The mamaRoo comes with a mobile that has three toy balls. One side of each toy is black while the other is coloured. This is designed to help develop the eyes and eyesight, but it’s just fun for your baby to look at.

The mobile is also removable, so you can take it down when your little one is sleeping. It’s also ideal for when you want to take your baby out of the swing.

Easily moveable

It is quite easy to move the system to other rooms of the house; you can easily have them right beside you while you do laundry, cook, or watch some television shows.

 A Few Caveats

While we do love so much about the mamaRoo, we did find that the product is big, so it can be a challenge to move. Plus, it has to be plugged into an outlet to work. However, this can go either way as a pro or con, depending on how often you use it.


The mamaRoo is indeed pricey, but you have the option of hiring from Hire for Baby. It’s so so many great features. Your baby will be comforted, just like they would be in your arms.

We don’t think you can put a price on that. 

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