Say goodnight to bed wetting

Last Updated on 02/06/2021 by Mandy

Here are some things that kids say about their bedwetting:

“I get really angry with myself.”
“I feel like a baby.”
“I can’t stay over at friends’ houses.”
“I can’t invite anyone to stay over at my house”
“I can’t go on school camps.”
“I pray before I go to sleep that I won’t wet the bed.”

Even though your child may not tell you how they feel, no child likes to wet the bed.

The sooner you toilet train your child, the more money you will save and the earth will thank you too. Remember, 49% of Australian kids have not achieved daytime continence by 36 months!!

At GreenBubz, we have found a fun way to encourage kids into dry nights. Each bed wetting kit contains a bright and colourful Conni poster, smiley stickers, Conni Kids achievement certificate, tips and advice for parents. 

The Conni Kids Toilet Training Kits can be used as a motivational aid for other learning areas apart from toilet training. Such as:

  • Encouraging children to eat their veggies.
  • Encouraging children to drink plenty of water and ‘non-sweetened’ fluids each day. Kids must drink a healthy amount of water or juice to help with continence training.

This kit is used by continence nurses across Australia and has proven to be effective for children of all ages.

The alarm is designed to solve your child’s bed wetting issues and give them the confidence to wake themselves and go to the toilet. The alarm sounds when it detects wetness in their underpants.

It comes with instructions for use and you can find more information in our store.


Product spotlight: Therapee coaching program and bed-wetting solution

If you need an individual training & coaching program and bed-wetting solution in one, we recommend THERApee. The Ultimate Bed-wetting Solution – Therapee is suitable for children and teenagers between the ages of 4 to 18. Created by Dr. Sagie – a world-renowned expert in the field of bedwetting (enuresis) who has treated more than 40,000 patients since 1984. This video explains how it works: Watch here. 

You can find other Conni bedwetting solutions on eBay Australia: