Stroller Workout For Mums

Last Updated on 14/04/2021 by Mandy

As a busy mum, you may often find it difficult to burn that baby weight and get your fitness back because of all the obstacles you may be facing when taking care and feeding the baby, or just caring for your home. It thus becomes essential to find new ways for you to keep fit so that you can feel great, have enough energy to keep up with your little ones and feel good all at the same time. Therefore, since there is not enough time to go to the gym, you can try some of the below stroller workout tips for mums that will help you burn that extra fat when you are at home.

Stroller Workout tips For Moms

Before beginning, you should always have some water with you and a mat for the abdominal work. You should start out slow with the stroller exercises so as not to maintain your overall balance. You can opt for a jogging stroller to start with although this is not necessary.

1. Start Strolling

You can start off by taking a brisk walk for 5 minutes. Thereafter, you can do mild stretching of the leg and arm muscles. Then, walk or run for 5 to 10 minutes. As you walk behind the stroller, while keeping your shoulder back and down, keep your chest out. Your abs should always be tight and your arms gently bent. As you engage in this stroller workout for moms, you should separate the strength-training stations with 5-10 minutes of jogging or walking. For best stroller exercise sessions, you should try to do 15 repetitions in three sets for each exercise you do.

2. Lunges

Next, while keeping your hands shoulder-width apart when holding the stroller handlebar and with one leg, try to lunge forward to push the stroller. This should result in your knee being above the ankle while your thigh will be lateral to the area where you are exercising. Thereafter, you should go back to the initial position and do the same procedure with your right leg.

3. Squats

Just as you did with the lunges, while keeping your hands shoulder-width apart when holding the stroller handlebar and with your knees and feet forward, you should squat down as though you are sitting down. Your knees will be above your ankles and your weight will be supported by your heels. In this position, you should gently squeeze your rear and go back to the beginning position and do so again.

4. Push-ups

If you can find a bench in your house, you should put your stroller safely behind you to be able to do the push-ups well. As you face the bench, your arms should always be shoulder-width apart on it. Ensuring that you keep your abdominals and back tight, you should slowly take your chest down to the surface of the bench and then put pressure on your hands to get back to the initial position. This should always be done while ensuring that your body remains straight.

Ensuring that you regularly perform the above tips for stroller workout for mums is the best way to ensure that you have the necessary strength to perform all your duties without feeling fatigued.