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Forelife Sperm Concentration Test Men Fertility at Home. Made in Australia.

Did you know: Approximately one third of infertile couples will have a male factor as the sole cause of their infertility. Another one fifth or so will have factors coming from both male and female partners. Thus, in total, around 50% of infertile couples will have a male component contributing to their infertility*. * Pravin Rao, MD, Urology, on behalf of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The Forelife SpermTest is a simple test to check the concentration of sperm in semen. This convenient and private test will quickly inform whether the sperm count is considered within normal limits, of 20 million sperm per millilitre, in privacy.


  • Simple test to indicate normal or low sperm count
  • Results in minutes
  • Simple, convenient and private
  • Accurate as a lab test
  • Empowers you to better manage your health

Couples trying to conceive naturally or those undergoing fertility treatments can suffer a great deal of emotional stress.

Men’s fertility also decreases over time! You may need to test your husband if you haven’t been able to conceive a second or third child.

The Forelife SpermTest is a screening test that will produce either a positive or negative result to confirm if the sperm concentration is considered normal or low.

Men’s fertility is dependent on normal testosterone levels, an adequate number of sperm cells capable of swimming to the ovum and their survival long enough to reach and fertilise the ovum.

Made in Australia.


Recent Review:

“It works for me. Bought this product just to assure myself. It’s easy to use and it does provide you with enough information so you can trust its result”.


Low semen counts should be confirmed by a medical professional, in case you have inadvertently provided a poor sample. If you are not sure, book in to see your doctor.

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