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Ingenuity Boutique Collection Bella Teddy Swing ‘n Go 2020 Review

Our Review

The Ingenuity Boutique Collection Bella Teddy Swing ‘n Go is a portable swing available in neutral tones. The deluxe plush fabric is soft and smooth for the baby and the headrest is removable so that it can be washed.

It features five different speed levels, as well as eight melodies and three nature sounds. It holds babies or infants between 2.7kg and 9 kgs (newborn to 9 months). One unique feature of this product is that it keeps your baby’s preferred speed, even as your little one gets bigger.

It is battery-operated, but the Hybrid Rivve technology allows the batteries to last longer. This product doesn’t feature a plug-in option. Nonetheless, the swing comes with SlimFold technology, which allows you to fold it with a single hand. That’s a big plus when moving it from room to room.

WhisperQuiet technology means the motor is also very quiet, so you won’t even notice it. Your baby isn’t going to get woken up by the whirring, and it can add a little white noise. The toy bar is removable, for easy washing.

Who is Ingenuity? This swing is made by Kids II, Inc. in the USA, which manufactures toddler toys and other products. Its other brands include Ingenuity, Bright Starts, and Baby Einstein and they have over 400 products.

Watch the 1 min video of the Ingenuity boutique product range, including the portable baby rocker:

I would recommend this product as a great budget swing under $160.

You can find it at several retailers online:





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