Some items to get you started on the green cleaning.

Here’s a brush to help with dust and spider webs! The Ecomax dust brush is made from coconut fibre and rubberwood, which is waste from rubber production!

It’s tough enough to withstand ash and embers from a fireplace! Clean up!

The Saffix Dish scrubber is made from 100% Coconut fibre, so it’s utilising what’s left after the coconut has been used for food/liquid. At the end of its life cycle, simple compost and grow more!


Euclove’s range of cleaning products use amazing natural ingredients including Australian blue gum and eucalyptus oils, as well as incorporating the exotic, like the anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities of the Indian clove oil.


Excel is Tri Natures most powerful natural cleaner. It contains organic acids derived from sugar cane, allowing it to neutralise and remove acid-sensitive contaminations common in the toilet, basin and bath. Breaks down fat and soap residues, and is especially effective on calcium build-up around taps.