Best Fitting Maternity Jeans

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Are you pregnant and not sure what maternity jeans to get?

When finding maternity jeans, most women have a hard time because they have so many options. They either buy maternity jeans that are too tight for comfort or maternity jeans that just do not fit right. It can be difficult trying to find maternity jeans that will hold up during the day with a growing belly and then shrink back down after birth. The secret is making sure you have maternity jeans that will give your body room yet still hold everything in place where it needs to be.

Congratulations if you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant!

When is a good time to buy maternity jeans?

You know when you need to start purchasing maternity clothes when you start bursting out of your favourite jeans and they gradually start falling down your hips!

This is the point where you can either experiment with the various belly fasteners that are currently on the market to try and get more mileage out of your pre-pregnancy jeans, or bite the bullet and make your first maternity investment into pure comfort! Buy a good pair of maternity jeans.

Which one should I choose?

Bootleg, skinny leg, straight leg, wide leg ….. with elasticated waist pull on or non-elasticated waist? Which one should I choose?

In order to find the most comfortable maternity jeans for you, you are going to need maternity jeans that fit you properly. When maternity jeans fit properly, your comfort will be unmatched and you will love wearing maternity jeans. You shouldn’t stick to your pre pregnancy size but try the jeans on first as sizes can vary between brands.

Now that you know what maternity jean material to look for and how maternity jean material needs to sit on your body, it is time to move on to maternity jean style. Most women think maternity jeans just include low rise jeans with elastic waistbands because that is the only type of maternity jeans they can find in stores. Low rise does not always equate to comfortable maternity jeans, but it is going to be what many shops carry as opposed to a pair with a higher rise. If this sounds like your shopping experience, keep looking! Maternity jeans come in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles. You owe it to yourself to try maternity jeans from any store you happen upon so long as maternity jean material is stretchy, maternity jean style has a higher rise and maternity jean colour is not black. Everyone’s taste varies, so trying on different styles will inevitably help you find maternity jeans that suit your tastes perfectly.

Maternity jeans have come a long way and now with so many styles around, it’s often hard to know which style to choose, so let’s look at the fundamental basic styles around.

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Staying Up

The most important factor when purchasing maternity jeans has to be the ability for them to stay up. I guess, like most maternity clothes, this depends on your shape, or your baby’s shape: the bump.

I’ve tried on a tonne of different maternity jeans and, in my opinion, maternity jeans with the cotton fabric stitched onto the maternity jean waistband (and elastic band stitched in) is the best style to ensure stay-up ability. If you think about it, it makes sense because the cotton fabric pulls up (and sometimes over) the bump, giving something for the maternity jeans to hold on to.

Of course, there are maternity jeans available that only have a small elasticated waistband and these would ensure comfort, ease of pulling on and will stay up pretty good but the waistband will sit just on the bump at midpoint of your belly.

If you really hate the look of the ‘pouch’ style look with the cotton panel that pulls up over your belly, then opt for the ‘under belly’ style which looks just like normal jeans and have an internal elasticated system which you can pull in tight for a more snug fit, or release when your belly expands to give more room. The good thing about these maternity jeans, is that they don’t look like maternity jeans at all, and you would be more inclined to wear them again after the birth of your baby, whilst slimming back down to your normal size. The waistband usually sits just under the belly as hipsters and this depends on your size and shape of your maternity bump as to whether they stay up!

Maternity wear is now stylish as well as functional and gone are the days of the wide flowing tent-like garments that try to hide the growing bump. Now days, we welcome the use of elasticated, stretchy fabrics like spandex, elastane and lycra that ensure the fabric can grow with your bump and accentuate your new curves and growing bump. Gorgeous maternity blouses, maternity dresses and maternity tops are all available in beautiful modern prints and styles that will look fantastic paired with a great fitting maternity jean.

Stretchy denim is key when shopping for maternity jeans. If the maternity jean material does not contain spandex or elastane, it could end up deforming after a couple of washes and ultimately end up not being maternity jeans that you want.

Skinny jeans: If you are lucky enough to carry off a narrow style, then try the skinny leg maternity jean. Popular colours include dark indigo, vintage blue, jet black and washed blue.

Straight Leg maternity jeans are a good alternative to the skinny jeans look as they balance out the leg from the thinnest to the widest point, creating a more streamlined, flattering look to the body. Popular colours this season include dark indigo, jet black, vintage blue, washed blue and white.

Maternity jeans, hands down are a pregnant gals go-to when it comes to good maternity wardrobe investment. There are lots of different price points out there, but of course, this depends on your own personal budget. Don’t forget, you will get a lot of mileage out of your maternity jeans for there is a good chance that you will be wearing your maternity jeans well after the birth of your baby until your body shape has returned to normal.

Check out the most popular maternity jeans on Amazon and eBay here:

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Whatever choice you make regarding denim material and amount of stretch, your comfort should ultimately be the number one factor when searching for fully functional maternity jeans.