Addi Circular Knitting Machine Review for Mums

Last Updated on 21/11/2021 by Mandy

We review the Addi Express Professional knitting machines, made for makers who don’t have the time or skills to turbo knit, and want to!
In this blog post, we will discuss what is the Addi Circular Knitting Machine, why should you consider buying one and what are the benefits?

What is an Addi Circular Knitting Machine?

The Addi Circular Knitting Machine is a knitting machine that can be used to create different types of knitted products. This machine features a circular needle bed, which is designed to keep your yarn centred as you work and prevents it from twisting or tangling. The Addi Circular Knitting Machine also offers an easy-to-use tension dial for adjusting the tightness of stitches and has a smooth cast aluminium frame with non-skid rubber feet for stability on any surface. This Addi knitting machine is available in several sizes to accommodate different types of projects. It can be used with a variety of yarns, such as cotton and wool, making it perfect for large-scale production or custom pieces.

The Addi circular knitting machine is a device that can be used to knit fabric in either round or flat shapes by using interchangeable needles. Unlike traditional machines where you need one needle per stitch, with the use of this tool, you only require one needle for every row and as such it saves on time and effort when producing your final product. This type of machine also stitches faster than other machines and is less likely to break because the needles are durable. A circular knitting machine can be used to make tubes or cylinders. For beginners, this means it can be used to make:

  • Beanies
  • Baby toys
  • Baby rattles
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Infinity scarves
  • Tubular wraps
  • Leg warmers and more.

You can look on Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy and other sites for ideas and free patterns. Look for the Addi Express or Turbo Knitting projects! There is also an excellent pattern book at the end of this article.

Why Should You Consider Buying One?

Machine knitted items can be created more easily and quickly, scarves in 15 minutes, rather than trying to knit the same items by hand over a period of a week.

If you can turn a wheel, you can knit. Excellent idea to try when pumping!

Until now, circular knitting machines were made for industrial use. They were heavy, metallic, expensive items in limited supply. Flatbed knitting machines are difficult to use and complicated to set up and operate.

The Professional Addi Express Pro knitting machines are a portable cheaper alternative. There are two machines, Professional and King Size and these vary according to the number of needles they have, the wool they use and the size of the articles they can produce.

Addi Knitting Machines models

Here are the benefits of the two models:

Addi Express Professional


Buy from Amazon Australia from $128 with free freight.

You can also buy 5 replacement needles for $24 separately.

Addi Express Pro is a small circular knitting machine that can help you knit in less than an hour.

Addi also offers stoppers, replacement needles and pattern books to go with your package.

Features of the Addi Express Professional:

  • It is smaller than the Addi Express King machine and features 22 needles.
  • Ideal for circular/tubular knitted items about 10 cm to 15 cm (4” to 6”).
  • Plain knitted projects can be 15 to 20 cm (6” to 8”) wide.
  • Suitable for a wool (yarn) thickness of 3.5 – 8

Consider that with 22 needles you could most likely make things for your baby, or things that could fit your head, arm or leg. This machine does an incredible job for small projects.

If you prefer bigger items, you would need to stitch panels together to make a larger item with it. Or buy the King Model.

What can you make with an Addi Express Pro?

With an Addi Express Pro, you can make:

  • Socks
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Mittens
  • Gloves
  • Leg warmers
  • Sweaters
  • Afghan
  • Beanies

Recent reviews from ebay

“So easy to use, being a first-timer, astounded that within an hour I made 3 little hats. The machine is very sturdy, well made.”  ronsam46

“I used to crochet hats for nursing home and homeless shelters and developed tendonitis. Because I wanted to continue with this work I purchased the Addi Express Kingsize a couple of years ago and loved it. I did not see a reason to purchase the smaller version until last year when we realized that some folks in rehab homes could not wear the hat for different reasons, but we did not want to leave them without a gift, so I purchased the smaller Addi Express to knit scarves, leg-warmers, and bed slippers for these folks. I’ve been working with it non-stop for two weeks and it has proven to be the same quality as the larger Addi. I chose eBay because I wanted to find the model with the LCD counter instead of the newer model with the mechanical counter that has a loud click every time it counts a row. I have not had any problems with the digital counter in either machine using soft acrylic yarn. The counter, and machines, do not do good with the harder acrylic yarns. I love both Addis and would recommend it to anyone that does a lot of knitting. It is worth the cost.” branchliz

Addi Express King Size

Buy the Addi Express King model from Amazon Australia for $299 with free freight.

Buy the Addi Express King model from ebay Australia for $239 with $10 freight.

The cheapest price I have found is Catch of the Day!

Buy the Addi Express King for $235 with free freight.

Buy the Winding book for $39

Features of the Addi Express King Professional:

The Addi King package contains 5 replacement pins, 1 threading tool, 4 feel and 2 clampers. You can easily make larger items than with the Addi Express Pro.

  • Has 46 needles, more than twice the number of the original Addi Express Professional, suitable for larger pieces.
  • Has an electronic row counter that allows work to be precise.
  • Measurements: Circular knitting: 35 cms, Flat Knitting: 45 cms

Can you buy a bundle with pattern books and extras?

The New Improved Addi Express King Size Bundle on Amazon (as above) comes with a Pattern Book, Hook, Replacement Needles and Stoppers for $339.

What Can You Make with an Addi Express King Size?

You can knit all the above items, but larger sizes. Smaller items are quicker on the King machine. There are more needles so each crank gets more knitting done. Projects can take a few hours.

Free video tutorials

Sylvie’s sock tutorial. The introduction is in german and she switches to an English voiceover in the first minute:

Infinity scarves on the King knitting machine:

‘Alt Knots’ quick socks tutorial:

Recent Reviews

Recent reviews from Amazon:

“I bought both this one and the kingsize. The smaller one is great for smaller projects like socks and mittens. Mechanical counter is great and more reliable than the digital one. Quality construction.”

Is there anything else comparable?

There is a cheaper plastic knitting machine which produces projects that are the same size as the King model, but the quality is not the same.

The machine reviews are less positive and needles can break. Be warned. It’s available on Amazon for $50.

The Benefits of Owning a Knitting Machine

When knitting, you create something from nothing, share your piece with your loved ones and in return for your hard work, you get the love back from the joy you bring them. The same feeling goes for knitting for charities.

It gives you hands something to do and it is very relaxing. You always feel productive, even if your small child is with you and wanting your attention.

Personalise further with hand-knitted additions

You can also add wool by hand to make your machine knit piece look more personalised and individual.

Choose a Secure Worktable if you want to make things professionally

Though this machine is equipped with clamps and 4 legs, it’s highly recommended that you put it in a very secure position to make sure that it doesn’t vibrate or wobble while you are cranking!

Try a generic workbench table from Bunnings.

I encourage you to join forums and discussions to learn more tricks about knitting.
Free Addi Express knitting patterns
You can also find tons of free Addi Express knitting patterns in Pinterest and lots of videos and tutorials online. These are from Taylor Lynn.